Michael Carroll & Co has been providing Specialist Criminal Defence Services in North London since 1996.    The Firm takes pride in its personal level of service to you, the client, offering the full range of Criminal Defence services from providing initial advice prior to attendance at the police station, representation at the Police Station, representation throughout the Criminal Justice System, including at Magistrates Court,  Crown Court and Appeal Courts.  We work with the Probation Service, Youth Offending Service and Drugs Agencies, and advice agencies at court.

We are proud that the majority of our clients come to us from personal recommendation.  We have a loyal and committed team of lawyers, case-workers and support staff, who choose to go that extra mile.  Our clients know they can phone us at any time to ask for advice, which sometimes has nothing to do with criminal law!

Specialist Criminal Defence Services in Highgate, North London

Key Staff
Michael Carroll, Principal of the Firm, Lawyer
Edel  Speirits, Private Client, Higher Rights Advocate
Penny Savoulis, Lawyer
Brian Kennedy, Lawyer
Bruce Clarke, Lawyer
Umar Takiola, Crown Court Case Work Coordinator
Our wonderful support staff: Adela, Angela, Ryan, Sam, Anna